Specification and Project Management

Once the design work is complete and the required planning permissions are in place then the work can start, but this is the point where detailed specification preparation becomes important along with need for other approvals such as building regulations.  We can help with the delivery of all these aspects of the detailed technical design and specification of what is required.

Building regulation drawings need to show how the work that is planned can and will be built.  This involves the preparation of detailed annotated construction drawings, comprising plans, elevations, and section details as required to demonstrate compliance with building regulations.  Depending on the work involved, further input may be necessary from structural engineers or other specialists.

To ensure the standard and quality of the works and finishes are as those required, we write detailed specifications which explain and show how the work is to be undertaken, the materials to be used and the standard of workmanship that is required so that the project is delivered in the necessary manner.  We write these in conjunction with our clients and the design of the work that is to be completed.

The detailed specification, along with the finalised drawings are then used as tendering documents that can be sent out to competent and suitable contractors so that they all price on the same basis to ensure properly competitive prices are returned.  The specification can subsequently be used as a control document for when the work is undertaken on site and also form part of any contract that is entered into.

Our experience of working with historic buildings and their fabric, combined with our design and other technical talents is used to help our clients when work starts on site by project oversight and control.  This ensures the work being built is to the required standards, it follows the agreed programme, and that costs are controlled.  At the end of the work we can assist further with the finalisation of the contract accounts, as well as, overseeing any finalisation items are properly completed and any latent defects rectified.