Historic Building Analysis and Dating


Dating and analysis of an historic building or site can be produced for many purposes, whether this is just for the interest of the owner, for publicity purposes or in conjunction with a planning application.  Such information is often very useful to designers when planning works to historic structures so that they properly understand how they were built so as to avoid problems at the time when development takes place, help programme time scales and reduce contract costs.

An historic building analysis will look at the main building, its attached outbuildings, and even the fixtures and finishes, as these can all help determine the age and development of the structure.  This considers the building as a whole as an historic structure, including its construction, plan form, and the dating of the fabric, with all the possible changes and alterations that may have occurred over time.  Typically such a report includes:

  • Integrated archival and other forms of documentary research and study of the building to help develop its background and pedigree;
  • Development of a chronology to show its development and how the building has changed over time.


This can reveal the historic development and character of the area being studied and combines site survey data with historical mapping and documentary sources.  Physical exploration and research of a particular area of a landscape can help reveal otherwise unrecognised historic features.  It is used as a management and development tool for many purposes by those involved with all aspects of the landscape.

Whether this is open countryside or urban areas, our analysis methods are adapted and tailored to each site that we work with. This is accompanied by documentary research, as well as, modern and historical mapping and state of the art Lidar and other mapping and survey techniques.

Each assessment is written in a narrative form to show clearly what we have looked at and explain what we have seen in as plain non-technical English as possible with any necessary technical terms clarified.