Seminars, Webinars & Training

The Historic Building Advisory Service (HBAS) provides advice and assistance to all those who are involved with built heritage in the UK and further afield.  As part of our work, we provide training to professionals, as well as, building owners and users about how to live and work with what is frequently considered to be a difficult or contentious subject.  In doing this we provide training and education in the form of seminars, webinars and instructional tours.

We work with many sectors within the built heritage sector and as a result this tends to fall into two groups.  One is related to professionals such as surveyors, architects, engineers, etc who often only have a tangential working relationship with built heritage.  The other group mostly those who own, manage or control historic buildings, structures and landscapes where they work directly with heritage, but often lack some of the necessary understanding of historic technical and workmanship methods and standards.

All of our training provision is developed carefully for the audience that we will be delivering too and to the level that is appropriate for the recipients.  For in-house training this can be purely classroom or web based or might be integrated with more practical on-site guidance and instruction.  Sessions can last from an hour to several days, either as a single event or broken down into smaller modules, on a clients premises or site, or one that we can arrange.

Short talks and instructional events can be prepared and given to local voluntary and larger charitable organisations as part of our outreach programme that we offer.  As with our more formal training, this can be prepared to meet particular requirements or need of the group and we are always happy to discuss how we can help.