Damp and Timber Survey

Damp and timber decay is a concern for many owners or prospective purchasers of historic properties, and this is where we can provide independent advice and guidance on the state of repair of their property.  These are often carried out separately and at different times to a pre-purchase condition survey and are intended to consider the specific matters that our client need answers to.

Damp problems can vary from condensation to penetrating damp or leakage and can affect many parts of the house.  Sometimes this can appear as rising damp or it may be sporadic staining across a wall or ceiling.  Depending on the cause this may something that can be easily remedied, or it may have resulted in other problems such as fungal decay where more extensive corrective action is required.  Our reports help identify the causes of the damp and then what corrective work may be required.

Timber inspections are often commissioned where there are defects apparent in members of the fabric, such as dust from wood boring insects or it may be due to movement in the structure that has been noticed.  Sometimes we find that the problem is historical and that either the insect attack is dormant or movement has reached stasis, but at other times these matters can still be ongoing.  The resultant report will set out our findings, as well as, any work that we would consider appropriate for the type of fault, if any, determined.

Our damp timber survey reports are unlike those that might be obtained from commercial firms selling products or works, as we are independent and not selling anything apart from our professional advice.  This may mean that the results of our deliberations might only require changes in how the property is managed, such as improved heating and ventilation, rather that actually requiring physical work to be carried out.  If work is specified it will be appropriate for the building and the fabric from which it is built.  Similarly, it may be fairly simple and not necessarily typical of that which might be as promoted by other organisations