Architectural Design and Planning

Because of the restrictions that are placed upon listed buildings, even fairly small and simple changes that would not require any official prior approval for an unlisted property will be subject to consent from the local planning department.  To do otherwise may result in a criminal offence occurring, but our architectural design and planning service can help avoid these problems.

We provide independent professional specialist assistance to other professional firms and design teams working on or with historic buildings and sites, and how they can mitigate loss or damage to historic structure and fabric, with any adverse affect on historic significance and character.  Often this is with the provision of heritage impact assessments or building analysis reports, but also by advising and commenting on plans and designs that they are preparing to help reduce likely planning and conservation concerns.  This in turn can improve the building or development process and lower costs for our clients.

Our architectural design service is provided directly to many clients who use it to help them transfer their ideas and ambitions in to plans and drawings that can be used to seek the necessary planning approvals.  By understanding historic buildings, how they were built and the vernacular materials they were built with, enables us to blend modern design ideas and concepts with sensitive historic fabric structures.  This extends from preparing measured surveys of existing buildings, to sketch designs for alterations and changes, through to full designs for extensions, change of use proposals, and new developments on historic sites.  We can help with any stage of the process from initial concept design to completion, or any stage in between.

As well as preparing planning applications, we can also assist with the review of rejected planning applications.  Sometimes this may require the preparation and submission of an appeal against refusals where the reasons may not be appropriate, or it might be that a revised planning application might be a better approach to the matter.  In either situation, we provide wide-ranging and well-considered advice as to how best to handle such situations.