About Us

We are an independent professional consultancy service delivering cost effective services tailored to the needs of those involved with listed or unlisted pre-1945 buildings, structures or landscapes ranging from Iron Age forts to Art Deco flats.

  • We work all over the UK and Europe, but we are as near to you as your telephone or computer
  • Any form of building or structure including domestic, industrial, commercial, religious, theatrical, castles, estates etc.
  • Helping everyone from the general public, tradesmen and investors, through to professionals, conservation groups, etc.
  • You get a full and thorough professional service that is the most appropriate to your historic site
  • Any aspect to do with buying / repairing / converting / extending / renovating / maintaining / working with, or just living in an old building or historic landscape
  • You have access to your own technical specialists with years of experience in dealing with historic buildings
  • You get independent and unbiased help and advice – we are not a government, lobbying organization or trade body
  • We are not selling a particular method or product irrespective of whether it is appropriate to your site or not
  • We help you overcome your historic building problems because we understand the difficulties and headaches encountered when working with or owning old properties
  • Supplying simple practical solutions to your problems
  • It is a service regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Call or e-mail to find out how we can help you with an historic building or project and we will talk through how we can best assist you with a full package of services.