This provides you with an easy to use e-mail based professional consultancy service from HBAS as well as access to our other services for an annual subscription. This provides:


  • E-mail access to our professional advice and consultancy with ‘reasonable use’ number of questions
  • Answers to questions on any subject relating to historic buildings, structures and  landscapes
  • Your technical, planning, and property tax or financial related questions answered by specialists*
  • Tailored specialist professional services at preferential rates
  • Unlimited access to our technical frequently asked questions (FAQs)  that have come from similar subscribers about their historic sites


You obtain a detailed and personalised response from HBAS’ specialist consultants by using your personal on-line enquiry form in your member’s portal where you can attach supporting material (photos, videos, drawings, etc) to help explain your question.  


When we first receive your question we will check with you to ensure that we understand it correctly, then once we have your confirmation that we have interpreted your question correctly we will provide you with the most appropriate response.


Sometimes we cannot answer a complex question by e-mail because there may be other factors that need to be taken into account.  In such an event we will either ask you for further information or we can arrange to visit the site and carry out an inspection and analysis.  This ensures that our answer really provides the best solution to your unique set of circumstances.