A detailed measured survey of a building will produce accurate drawings of an historic, building or site


  • Prepared in accordance with the guidelines and standards of all the UK’s national heritage bodies.  
  • Have a higher level of the information to be shown on the drawings than generally provided by standard survey  
  • Can be used by the design team for all their work. 
  • Will provide a record in-situ of the building before new work is undertaken that may otherwise result in change or loss to the structure or its layout.  
  • Depending on the level of recording that is needed and the purpose to which it is put then the method of carrying out the survey can vary from hand measures techniques to the use of automated electronic measuring and laser scanning.
  • Survey results can be delivered in any form to suit our clients and their purposes from paper drawings to 3D models in electronic or solid form. 
  • Many uses from design work to fly-through animations, tourism or publicity.