The survey looks at the building holistically, where the construction methods and materials are considered along with its age, and how it may have changed or been altered and adapted over the years.  We view it as an historical structure with all the problems and foibles that arise with time and the use of what are now generally considered as archaic building methods and styles


Our expertise in dealing with old buildings allows us to consider each part of the structure as an individual element that makes up the whole - rather in the way that it would have been built.  It also gives us an insight into what we might expect to find during our investigations and some of the otherwise un-expected aspects of the properties development to look out for.


This enables us to make the most appropriate recommendations for repair and/or conservation for that particular building or landscape. 


Each report is written in a narrative form to show clearly what we have looked at and explain what we have seen in as plain non technical English as possible with any necessary technical terms clarified.